Take Action Now – A list of resources for activists and reformers


Legislative Action – Click here to find your senator or house representative to vocalize your opinion on issues that are relevant to your health and safety.

Able Child – An organization that works against the labeling and medicating of children

Wildest Colts – John Breeding, PhD, author and child psychology expert on the drug-free treatment of children

International Coalition of Drug Awareness – Ann Blake Tracy, PhD, author and SSRI antidepressant expert

Alliance for Human Research Protection – National network to advance responsible and ethical medical research practices

SSRI (Horror) Stories – Collection of violent crimes, suicides and homicides committed on antidepressants and other psychiatric drugs

Unite for Life – Unite For Life is a blog and resource site for information regarding psychiatric drug consumption during pregnancy and lactation

Beyond Meds – A blog resource with discussions about and alternatives to psychiatric drugs

Woody Matters – A psychiatric drug information and resource site

Psychiatric Rights Advocates – A tax-exempt charity devoted to protecting people from the harm and abuse from forced psychiatric drugging

National Coalition Against Prescription Drug Abuse – Grassroots activism and education against prescription drug abuse.

Contact: April Rovero, Founder/CEO, 925-480-7723, www.ncapda.org, Facebook: NCAPDA

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Having spent 15 years selling pharmaceuticals for industry giants such as Johnson & Johnson, Syntex Labs, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Abbott Laboratories and Forest Laboratories, Gwen Olsen is now dedicate to educating the public. She is also dedicating lots of time and effort to other projects. So continue visiting the website for the latest news and information.

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